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Club House

Aberdeen Clubhouse

A primary focal point for the Aberdeen Community is our newly renovated clubhouse. Atop the stone-faced clubhouse is the Aberdeen 'A' emblem, which illuminates for all to see. The clubhouse gives our homeowners a climate-controlled facility for meetings and events featuring a large meeting room [capacity 56], a casual meeting room [capacity 20], conference room [capacity 6], and full kitchen. The total capacity of the entire structure including kitchen, hallways, etc is 99. The clubhouse and sport facilities host the community’s social events for our children, families and neighbors.

Use of the clubhouse for Aberdeen sponsored non-profit community clubs, organizations, and social functions, is available upon request. Security deposits are waived if a Use Agreement form is on file with the association.

Use of the clubhouse for private functions is available to all Aberdeen residents. To reserve the clubhouse, use the RESERVE CLUBHOUSE link located on the menu to the left of this page. Once you schedule your date, mail or hand deliver your Clubhouse Use Agreement form and security deposit check to the Clubhouse Management Team at the address specified on the instructions page of the Clubhouse Use Agreement Form. The security deposit varies depending on the number of rooms you wish to reserve. The Clubhouse Management Team will hold your deposit check, authorize release of the clubhouse key, and provide you with instructions on how to pick up and return the key to the clubhouse.

We must comply with the Forsyth County Fire Safety regulations when using the clubhouse facilities. It is imperative that you unlock all exit doors before your event begins and that you check that all fire extinguisher indicators are in the green area of their meters. Fire extinguishers are located in the kitchen, hallway, and in the large room A meeting room. When your event has been completed, please recheck the extinguishers to verify that none have been accidently discharged during your event. Notify the Clubhouse Management Team immediately if you locate a fire extinguisher that shows a discharged condition so that it can be replaced. The cost of replacing fire extinguishers discharged during your event will be subtracted from your security deposit.

Once your function is completed, it is important that you accept the responsibility of cleaning the clubhouse for the next resident. We have provided a simple cleaning checklist below to help guide you. When you have finished with the clubhouse, it is important that you return the key to the same location where it was picked up. [Note: There will be a $50 charge for lost keys or keys that are not returned within 24 hours of your event completion]. After the clubhouse has been checked, the deposit fee will be returned accordingly.

Cleaning Checklist

1.     Remove all decorations, trash and refrigerator items from amenity area.
2.     Wipe down all table and counter surfaces.
3.     Thoroughly clean bathroom fixtures and floor.
4.     Damp-mop the kitchen floor.
5.     Remove all food. Be sure to double check inside the refrigerator.
6.     Wipe up any spills in the refrigerator and microwave.
7.     Thoroughly vacuum the carpeting.
8.     Turn thermostat down to 60 degrees in winter months and up to 80 degrees in summer months prior to leaving the facility.
9.     Turn out all lights.
10. Return all furniture to its pre-event position.
11. Lock all doors and windows opened during the event.