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Tennis & Pickle Ball Courts

Tennis Committee Members:

Wendy Barker [email protected]

Mark Baumbick [email protected]

Rebecca Crews [email protected]

Jerry Frix [email protected]

Karen Maddock [email protected]

Billy McGinty [email protected]

Wendy Nolan [email protected]

Julie Stearns - [email protected]

Reserving a Court

  • To reserve a court, go to www.reservemycourt.com

  • You can reserve a court up to 10 days in advance.

  • The maximum play time is 2 hours for practice and casual play.

  • You can make 2 reservations per player per week

  • Please indicate what the reservation is for; ATLA, USTA, practice, T2, etc.

  • Note: Any ALTA or USTA makeup/rainout match takes precedence over practices and casual play.

Team Captain Information

  • A team should be at a minimum of 51% Aberdeen residents.

  • All non-residents are required to pay an out of neighborhood fee. They can either pay $25 per team or a one-time fee of $75 for the calendar year.

  • A copy of your roster and schedule must be sent to the Tennis Committee Treasurer, Billy McGinty @ [email protected] , along with your non-resident fees. These items must be turned in before the season starts in order for you to gain captain access to the Reserve My Court website.

  • You may reserve up to 3 courts for home matches. The morning of your match, if the 4th court is still available through the Reserve My Court website, you can reserve the 4th court for play for 2 hours only.

  • The team captain is responsible for keeping the tennis court area clean after practices and matches.

  • Any ALTA or USTA makeup/rainout match takes precedence over practices and casual play. Please contact anyone on the tennis committee for assistance.

Tennis Rules

  • The Tennis Courts are for the exclusive use of Aberdeen residents and their accompanied guests only.

  • Reserving a court through the Reserve My Court website is required before playing.

  • Please observe the rules of proper tennis etiquette while playing. Do not walk behind someone while the ball is in play; do not return a ball while a point is in progress, etc.

  • Only rubber soled `tennis` shoes are allowed on the playing surface.

  • No animals are allowed within the tennis court fence.

  • Big Wheels, skateboards, tricycles, bicycles, skates, or motor vehicles are NOT allowed on the courts.

  • The resident host/hostess is responsible for all actions of his/her guest.

  • No smoking in Aberdeen Common Area, including parking lot.

Important Information

Location: Westminister Lane